How Can You Avoid Stepping on Your Loved One’s Toes During an Appointment with Her Doctor?

Your loved one’s doctor’s appointments can be a wonderful chance for you to help her get the information she needs. But if you upset her, you might get tossed out of the next appointment.

Talk to Your Loved One Before the Appointment

Well before the appointment, sit down with your loved one and find out how involved she’d like you to be. It’s possible that your loved one wants you involved in the planning process and helping her to come up with questions, but she wants to do the talking. Your loved one might also be feeling more independent, wanting to go on her own. Depending on her ability to drive herself there, you might want to work with senior care providers for transportation and respect your loved one’s wishes.

Be Prepared with Questions and Medications

When you and your loved one sit down to talk, be prepared to jot down a list of questions and concerns that you each have for her doctor. It’s also a good idea to make a full list of her current medications and supplements. Note whether you have questions about any of those medications, too. Don’t worry if you have a rough draft with scratches and arrows connecting questions. You can write or type up a cleaner list later.

Ask if Your Loved One Is Okay with You Staying in the Exam Room

It’s one thing to assume that your loved one is okay with you being in the examination room, but it’s another entirely to go ahead and ask her what her preference is. This shows your loved one that you’re trying to respect her boundaries and that you’re willing to help her as much as she wants you to help her.

Try to Let Your Loved One Speak for Herself

When you get into the appointment itself, do your best to let your loved one speak for herself. Unless she’s let you know that she wants you to be active in the appointment, it’s a good idea to take a back seat. If you’re not talking, it’s easier for you to take notes and to listen to all that’s being said. If there’s something important that isn’t addressed, that may be the right time for you to jump in carefully.

If your loved one is comfortable with you being more involved, that’s something you can work out together.

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