Does Your Parent Have to be Sick or Disabled in Order to Receive Senior Care Services?

Many people wonder if an elderly parent must have fallen down or been diagnosed with a chronic illness or condition before senior care is allowed. That’s not the case. Senior care services are available to any senior who needs help around the house. Here are some stories of people who benefit from a caregiver’s help.

Country Homeowners Ray and Dora.

Ray owns a large farmhouse in the country. Dora gave up driving years ago after arthritis set in. Ray is in great health. Ray was happy to drive to appointments, but his slowed reaction times led to an accident. It was decided he was better off not driving.

Because of their location, there are no public transportation services. Their son offered to drive them to appointments and stores when he could, but it was hard when he was also working 40 hours a week and managing his own household. They decided to hire a caregiver to help provide transportation to appointments and area stores.

The Widower Pete.

Pete’s wife died a few years ago. She’d always prepared their meals, and Pete was happy to let her handle a task he’d never really learned. After her death, Pete found himself relying on frozen dinners. What he really craved was a home-cooked meal.

When Pete’s daughter suggested they hire a caregiver, Pete wasn’t sure. He really didn’t see the need to have a stranger in his house each day. After agreeing to a trial, Pete soon found he loved having someone to talk to during dinner. He also enjoyed having a caregiver cooking him tasty meals that didn’t come from a box.

Mary’s Lost Without Her Husband.

Mary is another senior who never expected to be alone. After her husband’s unexpected death, Mary found home upkeep to be incredibly challenging. While dusting and vacuuming were easy, carrying the laundry basket from the upstairs bedroom to the basement was taxing.

When Mary lost her balance and fell down a stair while carrying the laundry, her children recommended bringing in a caregiver. While Mary was only bruised and shaken up, the need to have help on laundry days was clear. They hired a caregiver to come in once a week to help with laundry. Mary found herself also eagerly awaiting laundry days as she’d gained a companion in the process.

Caregivers help in a variety of ways. You choose the best schedule. Caregivers can come daily, once a week, or even once a month. Call today to learn more.

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