To Whom It May Concern,

I want to extend my highest regard and profound thanks for the care and consideration provided by Atlantic Homelife Senior Care to my Mother -- The staff of Atlantic Homelife Senior Care are quite thorough, and followed up on inquiries I have had. The entire team was extremely flexible and prompt at the chaotic time of my Mom's broken leg and need for ongoing assistance. The Atlantic Homelife scheduler smoothly coordinated care to ensure Mom's shifts were always covered,

I see the smile in my Mom's eyes as she describes how carefully Aids treats favored houseplants, cleans up the kitchen, standing by during showering, taking care of personal laundry, and especially being a wonderful conversationalist.

I am SO grateful to have discovered the level of care that Atlantic Homelife provides to Mom. I am very reassured in knowing that Mom has an extra pair of experienced and skilled hands to help her.

I submit my strongest recommendation to anyone needing personal and specialized care for themselves or their loved one, to contact Atlantic HomeLife Senior Care and be confident of working with professional, experienced, and compassionate caregivers.


To Whom It May Concern,

The Atlantic Homelife Senior Care staff have been caring for my mother for the past two years, and I'm very pleased with the service that our family receives from the agency. It has been a pleasure dealing Martha and Jeffrey Berk from the very beginning, the rest of their staff have also been very professional and helpful.

I knew that when a new request came up, the Atlantic Homelife Team would respond quickly, make the appropriate recommendations and place just the right aide in. I then went on vacation for an extended time. I knew I could go away and not worry about things. We had the same aid for two years which helped mother greatly as she does not accept help easily.

Having Atlantic Homelife Senior Care involved in my mother’s life has given me great peace of mind. I trust that if a new situation regarding my mother’s care presents itself, Atlantic Homelife Senior Care will be there for my mother and our family.


Our Atlantic Homelife caregivers are great. Their friendly assistance to my husband and their helping hands all around the house are instrumental in our wellbeing and peace of mind. We wouldn’t be without them!


Atlantic Homelife, I’m writing to let you know that may parents have made tremendous progress under your care. They feel that with their doctor’s approval, they can take care of themselves. I am both happy and a little sad to let you know that we will no longer need your services after August 11, 2015.

Your assistance over the past 10 months has been a blessing. The improvement in my parent these last couple of months has been largely due to your caregivers. While my parents are feeling they can be largely self-sufficient, if they ever relapse or other medical issues arise beyond our ability to cope with, we will be thinking of you as our first option for care, You have taken an extremely stressful and taxing period for our family and helped make it more manageable. We wish to extend our deepest appreciation the caregivers and the staff behind them.


Martha Berk and the entire Atlantic Homelife team are qualified, caring, efficient, professional and trustworthy. I would recommend her and Atlantic Homelife without reservation. She is a pleasant and dedicated person who provided excellent home care services to my father in a great time of need.


Atlantic Homelife Senior Care has provided caregivers to take care of my now 89-year-old mother since February 2, 2014. My family, including and especially my mother, have been extremely happy with the quality of care she has received in their capable hands.

The caregivers have been very patient and good natured in caring for her. They have kept her to a schedule, making sure she takes her medications at the right time, does her exercises regularly, help bath and dress her and take her to appointments. They also document her daily life so that we can have a window into her life.

Under the guidance of her caregiver, my mother has become stronger, more alert and happier than she was only a year ago. She is not only happy with her caregivers, but she loves each one of them because they treat her with respect and are very gently capable with her.

They made it possible for her to live and thrive in her own home, my family and I are so grateful to these wonderful people.


I’d like to express our gratitude for the wonderful care you provided in my parents’ home recently. When we retained your services we were in urgent need of immediate 24/7 in home care for my mother and you delivered professional and compassionate assistance in less than 24 hours.

We will certainly recommend your company to others. This is a much needed alternative for families faced with similar circumstances.

Madeleine, New Durham, NH

Enlisting Atlantic Homelife Senior Care to enable Mom to return home after rehab was a blessing, Martha’s team treats Mom like a member of their family. They have been instrumental in continuing her rehabilitation and in ensuring her overall wellbeing. They monitor her diet, assess her progress, and keep her engaged through activities, crafts and companionship.

They efficiently and effectively communicate her daily progress to us in a communication book. This gives us an excellent view of how Mom’s day has gone. We highly recommend Atlantic Homelife Senior Care as caregivers for your loved ones.